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Hi :)  I saw your response to the PT post below and was curious...Kate had torticollis as an infant, too, and she also runs funny now.  She's 26 months and she does tend to pull her shoulders up and run very "upright".  She also does not climb stairs (she crawls up and down them) or jump yet.  I have no idea if any of this is related to the torticollis--I thought we were done with that.  Would you mind telling me what prompted your pedi to recommend PT for your DS?  Why is the funny running a concern?  Will they not just grow out of it?  Does your DS have any other gross motor "delays"?  Kate is REALLY slow at gross motor stuff, but she always has been so I don't really worry, but I wonder if I should get her checked out by her old PT again.  Thanks!!

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  • I wrote a whole answer below.  My daycare is the one who suggested it.  I thought it was just a toddler phase too but the person who evaluated him knew he had torticollis without me saying anything.  She saw him raise his shoulders which made him stick out his tummy and throw his arms around. 
    My ds doesn't have any other gross motor delay so it's probably just due to the torticollis but if you've been worried about Kate's gross motor- why not, right?  What's the harm?   Either way, I wouldn't worry too much- they told me it's no big deal and can be easily corrected.

    I didn't mean to start a firestorm over this.  I was shocked by it myself.  DS is getting evaluated for speech tomorrow and that has been my concern.  The running thing took me by surprise but they said it was free for the evaluation so I did it.  I don't want a lot of panicked moms over this!

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  • No worries.  I'm not panicking, just hoping to avoid PT :)  I'm not worried about the other delays--I've had her checked out for those--but I never even thought about her running being an "issue."  I think it is so hilarious and cute--I love how she runs!

    Good luck with the speech eval.

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