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Lactation Consultants?

Okay, so I am at the point where I dread BF every time.  I am in so much pain with every feeding.  My nipples have finally recovered from being cracked and bleeding (I know it's only been a week, but it felt like forever) but still - it hurts so bad when he feeds.  I'm guessing it's the latch, even though I am trying to adjust his mouth and following the instructions on latch that I find in my breastfeeding books. 

Anyway, unless anyone has a magical tip (I'll try anything!), I am trying to get in touch with a lactation consultant.  How do they work?  Do they typically have offices?  Do they take insurance?  I know these may be stupid questions, but I don't really know where to begin....

Thanks for any help in advance!

Re: Lactation Consultants?

  • I was just going to make a  post, asking how much LCs charge. 
  • Ask your pediatrician.  Ours has a lactation nurse in the office.
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  • BennyLBennyL

    Have you checked the hospital where you delivered? Ours provided LCs at no charge and we were able to go back after delivery as many times as we needed at no charge.

    Check out La Leche League as well (they have free meetings).

    You could also ask your pedi or OB for recommendations.

  • Thanks, Ladies!  I am doing some research on Kellymom - so hopefully I can get more info on latching. 

    Sadly, the La Leche meetings that are in my area are all in the 3rd or 4th week of the month.  I can's wait that long for help Crying

     I'm going to call LC's tomorrow.  Thanks again!


  • The LCs at the hospital where I delivered had a beeper that you can call and they get back to you asap. I don't think there's a charge.
  • The hospital I delivered in didn't have an LC, but I think another local hospital did. My pedi is also a board certified LC so that's who I see and I love it because I can always get ahold of her and see her for no charge whenever I need her.

  • Like the other girls said, did your hopsital provide this? After DD was born I had a LC come in and show me how to position baby and all. Plus, I would call them all the time once I got home at no charge. The hospital provided this service as long as you delivered there. They are a big help and they can even guide you over the phone, although in person at the hospital they were able to show you better. All I can say is, in the beginning it's going to hurt a little bit but it shouldn't hurt like REALLY BAD. If it does, then the baby is not latched on right. Once I figured this out it didn't hurt anymore. I mean you'd feel tugging and all but your nipples will get used to this after several wks and you shouldn't feel any pain at all. Open that babies mouth up as big as you can. Take the bottom of his/her mouth (sorry I can't remember if you had a boy or girl and I can't read your post from this screen) and just pull it down with your thumb as far as you can. The mouth should be WIDE open, like a big yawn. Make sure the top of the mouth is right above the nipple and the bottom of the babies mouth should cover almost your whole areola area depending on how big yours is right now. Just make sure the bottom of the babies mouth isn't right below the nipple. I had this problem all the time. If so, their mouth isn't open wide enough. There mouth should not be touching your nipple at all. HTH.
  • So I'm guessing that I'm not getting his lower lip as far down as it needs to go - I have been pulling down on his chin, but maybe if I switch from cross cradle to football hold?  I'll try that next...

    I had a lactation consultant at the hospital, but at the time I had to supplement his feedings with formula (we used a syringe and a small tube so that he was supplementing but still eating at the breast).  We had him latched on correctly there, but I'm guessing that it's slipped since then.   They do a class the 2nd Thursday of the month, but there is no LC on call for new moms who are discharged.

    I'm checking out other hospitals in the area to see if anyone else offers classes or something...


  • DD didn't put her lower lip far enough down for the first 3 weeks. It only bothered my left side and I was always taking her off and gently pulling down her chin. It was hard and then she suddenly "got it." She's done it two other times in the last 6 months to the same side but it's just a matter of taking her off and letting her get back on correctly(she can do it on her own.)


  • Probably not getting the bottom of the mouth down far enough like you said. I would just pull DD off then re-latch her till I got it right. It got frustrating as heck at times but I knew I had to keep doing it till she was on right and it didn't hurt. Plus you'll find once they are on right, they get more milk more quickly. When DD's lip was right below the nipple, it took her forever to get the milk out! Once they get bigger too, they know to open for the boob and it just get's so much easier! Hang in there and maybe call your pedi and ask to refer you to a LC. I think there is one called Mom's Rising locally around here not sure if it's all over. good luck!!!
  • Have you contacted your LLL Leaders?  I know you said that you missed the meetings, but often a Leader will find a way to get together with  you between meetings if you say you're having issues.  It depends on whom you call in our area, some Leaders will do visits and some will not...but they are FREE.  Otherwise, go on smartpages and look up your area and IBCLC.  They will be more costly, but will have a good handle on how to help you.
  • I use the LCs from the hospital I delivered at to this day. I email or stop by with questions all the time. They love helping out and seeing the baby. I've never been charged for this. If you took a BF class, you could try to contact the teacher of that too. I've used her as well as a resource.
  • Our LCs at my hospital are free if you go to them, they charge for house visits. I think it's $50 or $75/hr, but your insurance may pay too.
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  • Hang in there!  I know you're trying all you can think of. 

    As for LC-I found mine through my Center for Women's health.  I talked to one via phone at no charge, then went in to visit one (I think it cost $100 an hour, but since my pedi recommended it, my insurance covered it).  


    Even if you have a friend who has bf'd before, maybe they can come over today and watch you if you can't get ahold of anyone else.  My nipples were very sensitive and I didn't feel like bfing was pain free until about 8 weeks.  And it hurt a lot in the beginning, I would also dread bfing (even though the other ladies on here say it shouldn't hurt too much) But it was like he finally got it, and it got better.

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  • Depends on the LC. Our LC's around here (the 2 that I have seen) have offices. They charge around $150 for the first visit. Insurance did cover my visit, but you pay the LC and then submit to your insurance. Check with your company to see if that would be covered.


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  • Our hospital has a free BF support gropu that meets once a week.  Maybe try calling some local hospitals to see if any of them have a group.  I know several in our area do.  I know for a private meeting with the LC at our hospital they charge $120. 
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