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My left breast does not produce as much milk as my right and I want to increase the supply - would pumping 5-10 minutes after each nursing session help increase the supply, or is it normal for this to happen?  It's hard b/c I feel like I barely make enough for him between each feeding so pumping any amount out makes me nervous - how long would it take to increase?
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Re: what to do?

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    I think this is normal.  My left breast has always produced less than my right breast, anywhere from 1-3 oz per pumping session.  I don't know if there is anything you can do to change this. 
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    My left breast is this way too. For about a week I always fed DD on the left side first, (so it got a little more work) and it balanced out after that.
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    I think pumping would help. If your LO seems hungry after the next feeding you can always give him what you previously pumped in a bottle. A little pumping will help increase your supply and eventually you won't have to give him that bottle (which you might not need to at all) because you'll be making plenty.


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    My left boob produced lots more than my right and my LC said this was normal for some woman for one to produce more than the other. My left breast was HUGE compared to the right one and it would pump 2-3 more oz than the right. Nothing I did ever changed this it was just the way it was. I was told it had more milk ducts in it than the right but  not to worry. The LC also told me to try and start on my right side first since it was smaller that way it would always get worked. Then go to the other side. You can try pumping more on your left but for me this didn't work. It never increased but I would always put baby on the smaller side first and I do think this may have helped a little bit. HTH
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    OMG!! I was just going to post this question since I've been having this problem but when I pump. I only pump about an oz 1/2 on the left while the right does 2 to 3 oz. Is there something wrong.
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