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Hmmm. . what DD was saying last night.

I was changing DD's diaper before bed and she started saying, Mommy, no touch penis, 'kay? Indifferent

She said it like 6 times in a row. I finally started saying, that's right, we don't touch people's penises. ??? I wasn't truly worried that something had happened at daycare, but the first thought that crossed my mind was, did she try and touch one at school while they wre using the potty (there are two potties together in the open bathroom area) and get in trouble? And then I totally forgot to ask about it when I picked her up from school this afternoon. I was half laughing, but the look on DH's face was pretty funny when I said, ummm, should I be concerned about this? Oh, the things they pick up. I have GOT to remember to ask daycare tomorrow!

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Re: Hmmm. . what DD was saying last night.

  • maybe she said pens? like she grabbed them off a desk at school? maybe?



    and i will agree with you - kids this age pick. up. everything. i say something 1 time and the next day its common verbage. 

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