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Is this normal..or should I worry?

I know we're still a few months from this board, but I was hoping someone might have some insight.

DD will be 21 months on Friday.  She has only had 1 wet diaper today.  Should I worry about dehydration, or is this a sign she's ready for potty training.  FWIW she seems to be drinking and eating normally (and she's not sick or anything- other than the runny nose she's had for a week now). 

Re: Is this normal..or should I worry?

  • I would honestly watch her very closely and push liquids, if not call the pedi.  DD was sick last month and I was told she should have at least one wet diaper every 8 hours.

    I don't mess with dehydration, DD was hospitalized at 2 days old for that.

  • Push push push the fluids.  DD #1 was hospitalized overnight in January for Dehydration after having vomiting for 7 hours..............
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  • I understand dehydration is serious....but she's not sick.  No vomiting, diarrea, fever, etc.  She's drinking normally.  So what could cause her to be dehydrated?  Thats why I'm wondering if she's holding her pee more and I should be pushing the potty.
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