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NTR: Fav. workout videos?

I have some of the Taebo ones, but only like one of them and after doing it a few times in a row... I get really bored and countdown until the end. No motivation to work out at ALL when I know I'll be doing Taebo.

I'm not a fan of pilates or yoga, so those are out... do you have a fav workout video?

Re: NTR: Fav. workout videos?

  • I have 30DS and Biggest Loser Cardio Blast.  I like both.  I like the Biggest Loser a little more because he is motivating!  Jillian on 30DS is a B!TCH!
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  • I was reading up on the Biggest Loser workout videos online and they seem to be for any fitness level, is that true? I'm probably around intermediate level. I'm 5'7, 120lbs and workout 1-2 times a week (like I said, I'm so bored with my tapes!)... I mainly need to tone my body, rather than lose weight... would Biggest Loser be a good video for that?
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  • I think if you want to tone the 30DS is your best bet!  The biggest loser is for any body type - I don't know - I do the cardio blast - maybe they have on for toning?!  The part I like is the guy motivates you "You are doing great - do what you can - just keep moving!"  I like that.  Better than "you can do better!"  GL!
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  • lol yeah.. motivation is definitely better than being yelled at :)

    I think I'll try both videos. They're only 8.99 on Amazon.. (each).. not bad!

    Thanks for the help!

  • Yeah pretty cheap!


    BTW - I haven't seen you post much before - you should post more often!  You LO is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!

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  • I'm more of a lurker ;) I post from time to time, but I'm on summer vacation right now (yay for teachers lol) so I spend most of the day chasing my in-terrible-2's-phase child. :)
  • See, I have the same problem with workout videos.  I get bored doing the same thing over and over all the time.  That's why I end up not doing them after a while.  lol.

    We have DirecTV and recently discovered the channel "Fit TV."  I DVR different shows and do them later.  It mixes it up so that I don't get bored.  There's one show called All Star Workouts that does something different every day.  It could be Yoga, Pilates, Hip Hop, Belly Dancing, Step, Kickboxing, Dance Party, etc. 

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