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Recommend your GPS

We're thinking of buying a GPS system before an upcoming trip, and wondering which ones you have and how you like them.  Tell me about your favorite/most helpful features as well as features you might not use much, to help me figure out what I need to look at in a system!

TIA!  =)

Re: Recommend your GPS

  • I have the Magellan Maestro 4350 and I LOVE it.  I haven't used many other GPS units, so I don't know if the features on mine are unique or not.  Here are some of my favorite features:

    1.  Traffic alerts (with paid subscription) that will automatically reroute me to avoid traffic jams.

    2.  Points of Interest.  If I am in an area with which I am not familiar and want Dunkin Donuts coffee, it will tell me where the nearest DD is to me.

    3.  Voice commands so I don't have to look down while driving.

    4.  Bluetooth.  I can use my bluetooth enabled cell phone through the GPS.  Quality isn't the best, but it's nice when I'm in traffic and don't want to hold the phone.

    Hope that helps!

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  • I have a Garmin Nuvi and love it. DH got me a refurbished Magellin that we ended up taking back because it wouldn't turn on after a week... but I am sure that has more to do with the refurb than the brand. Anyway I like the interface of the Garmin better. It is able to search for whatever you are looking for. The other night I was at my friend's house in Apex and wanted to go to the Trader Joes in Cary... just typed in Trader Joes and it gave me directions to the nearest store. I love that feature!

    ETA: I know it is hard to do with a 2 month old but you should go to Best Buy and look at the different interfaces. They pretty much all do the same thing it is more about which interface you like. Then look for the best price.

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  • My ILs just gave us one as a gift this weekend.  It's the TomTom 340XL.  So far we're happy with it.
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  • We have an older model Garmin that we love.  The most important feature to me when looking at GPS was that it said the actual street names (i.e. "in .4 miles, turn left on Page Rd" as opposed to "turn left in .4 miles"). That makes a huge difference for me.

    Ours has most of the features listed above - bluetooth, search by name (find the nearest Bojangles or whatever), traffic alerts.  Another feature I use a lot (but probably every GPS has) is saving favorites.  I suck at remembering places, so houses I go to for book club, playgroup, etc I save in there and just pull up quickly when I need them.

    GL!  I love my GPS - it's on the "how did I live without it" list! :)

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  • DH has had a GPS forever it seems but I just got one this past Christmas.  It's a newer Garmin that was on sale at Christmas but I love it.  Love the favorites, that like sms I can just type in a place I want to go and it will give me the directions, like the voice commands that say both when to turn and onto which road (like crescent), the search feature for restaurants, shopping, etc. I like the touch screen set up on mine.  I just put DH in charge of researching them and then when we saw the sale, we snatched it up! GL!!



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  • We have a Garmin Nuvi 660 I think. I love it. It has all the features you'd want and gets good reviews! DH bought it for me for my birthday last year and he's a researching kind of guy!
  • I gave DH a Tom Tom One for his birthday last November. We love it. It works well, and the point of interest function is nice. It can search for restaurants, movie theaters or whatever by name or by category.
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  • Thanks ladies!!

    We're thinking, after your recommendations and online searching, of getting the Nuvi 255.  A bonus is that it seems to be for sale at Best Buy this week for a good price (per DH).  I think we're going to go and play with all of them to see if we like it up close.  =)

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