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I know many of you already know this but.........

I AM AN IDIOT!  I posted this morning that Paige has lost 5lbs - well Genius that I am weighed her in her bedroom - ON CARPET!!!!!!!!  So tonight when I got home I thought of this and sure enough on the hard floor - 31lbs!  So I worried all day over NOTHING!  UGH!  Why am I so stupid?!  Ok dumb blonde moment over!
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Re: I know many of you already know this but.........

  • You are not an idiot! ?Sometimes our brains shut down, especially when we are worried about our little ones. ?I'm glad she didn't really drop 5 pounds but I think I'm going to weigh myself on the carpet- it's the only way I'll lose any weight! ?:)
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  • NOT an idiot honey, you're a mom. Our brains cease functioning at times, from being overworked.
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  • LOL!  Sounds like something I would do.  Laugh it off and know we all do stuff like that.  Glad she's healthy- that's the important thing.
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  • Well, I will blame Paige for this one - I have said since day 1 that she feasted on my brain in the womb!  THIS IS PROOF! 
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  • Oh, gosh! I would've been scared too. 5 lbs is a ton for these little ones! Glad it clicked about the scale. It probably would've taken me another couple of days to figure that out ;)
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  • Hehehe that's something I'd do ;)
  • LOL I thought 5 pounds sounded a bit too much.
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  • haha I would have done the same thing, no worries!
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