Dump it????

I sent a 5 oz bottle to daycare.  DS only ate 1/2 oz of it.  Can I send it tomorrow or dump it?  It was warmed to room temp, fed 1/2 oz then back in fridge.  I hate to dump 4 1/2 oz and I don't really want to feed him it tonight, I don't feel like pumping and, he just got his shots so feels like being at the breast, not bottle.

Re: Dump it????

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    This is a good one. I was always told by the lactation consultant once you heat up the milk you shouldn't refridgerate it again. BUT, I did do this several times and DD did seem fine. I guess it's how you feel about it. I know how it is to not want to waste the milk, trust me, after how long it takes to pump it!!!  I'd say if you have plenty more milk stored than just dump it and don't worry about it but if you are very low, and as long as it was put back in the fridge soon after he ate from it, it should be fine. HTH!
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    Thanks...I did decide to dump it to be safe but honestly, I've read you can give it to them at the next feeding so what would be the difference in a day?  Next time maybe I'll keep it.  Thanks for replying!
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    I would have reused it.
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    You must dump it. Bacteria from LO's mouth will contaminate the milk and risk making him/her sick. Refrigeration slows the growth of bacteria but doesn't make milk "fresh" again.
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