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XP: What tests did your OB perform before you...

you had drugs or went to an RE?


My story: I've had three pregnancies (a m/c before and after my DS). Each time realatively no wait time for BFP. This time we've been trying for 7 months. Had CD3 bloodwork and all looked "normal." Dr wants me to try clomid this month, but I'm wondering if we should have other testing before going that route. An HSG, SA, etc. While I don't *think* it's my husband's issue, I'm just beginning to wonder if I have some blockage or something. I need to call the doctors office to get the Rx called in, so I was hoping to hear what is customary before pushing the issue with my Dr.




Re: XP: What tests did your OB perform before you...

  • Are they questioning whether or not you ovulate? Do you chart?

    I just recently saw a new OB and because my charts show that I ovulate and I have consistent cycles, we're doing some tests. Progesterone for me. SA for DH. If those come back normal, then I get an HSG. Hopefully I don't have to find out what happens after that.

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  • I had a SA and HSG
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