This has become so hard

DD will be ayear in 3 weeks and I planned on weaning her after a yea being that I'm also off for the summer. She never really took to bottles but would drink from them every now and then at day care. I've tried every sippy cup out there and she will take sips of water from it but that's it. I tried supplementing and taking one br session away but she screamed and cried so much and wouldn't take the sippy of milk that I pumped. She still wakes up at least twice in the middle of the night to nurse. DId I create a bf'ing monster? lol Any advice please ; )

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Re: This has become so hard

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    No advice but I hope you are able to figure something out soon and GL!
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    My girl loves the boob too. She'll tolerate 2 bottles while I'm gone to work, but even if she's just had a whole bottle, she wants the boob as soon as I walk in the door. Sorry, I have no advice because I'll probably be posting the same thing in 2 months :)
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    Just sounds to me like she's not ready to wean yet.  DS weaned at 9 months, he was ready but I was not which was hard on me, not him.  I say keep nursing as long as she needs/wants it.  I miss nursing so much but DS was ready and I had to go back on my medication that wasn't safe for nursing moms. 

    Is she down to just middle of the night feedings?  I weaned DS off those first and then morning feedings, afternoon feedings and finally before bed feedings.

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    Ditto pp. Sounds like she's not ready to wean. Are you ready? I think sometimes people have a set idea in their head that an age means something. It really doesn't, especially to her. Your dd doesn't feel any different than she did the day before.

    DD#1 self-weaned around 10 months. At that point she was only nursing before naps and before bed. And she was ready even though I wasn't.?

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