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Wow, you're really fat... what my father just said to me when he stopped by. I am not fat, I am pregnant and yes my belly is large because I have a living person growing inside of it. I have not gained weight anywhere but my belly, I really wanted to slap him. I am noticing that I am becoming more violent as the pregnancy goes on! Super Angry

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    Slap him! Comments like those just are not nice!

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  • DH's grandma keeps saying "Hey chubby!"  If she weren't 85 I'd throat punch her.  So not cool.
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  • Oh, I've gotten a couple of those comments. A couple at my baby shower. I just laughed and kept on going. Why do people think it's okay to say we're fat or chubby...especially when we have a baby in our belly?!

  • Totally uncalled for. Geez you are pg!

    Im just waiting for these comments as my comments back won't be all that nice. I'll let it slide if my 92 yr old grandmother happens to say anything.

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  • Ugh why do people understand that you should never tell someone they are fat/chubby when they are not pg, but for some reason if you are pg every single person thinks it is the perfect time to tell you that you are fat/chubby?!!! It makes me so angry! Esp when people start making comments like, wow your huge, or wow you look like you swallowed a watermelon! I need to come up with a good comeback for when these comments start in for me- maybe something along the lines of "I may be fat right now, but I'm pg and I will loose the weight after the baby is born. But what are you going to do about your lack of hair?? Or something like that...
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  • My mom told me she told some of the kids I used to babysit at a wedding shower that I was getting so fat. I quickly corrected her and said I am not fat, I am pg. She said she meant in a good way, but as someone who has been fat (and not pg) in life, I didn't appreciate it. How can someone be so insensitive? I already cringe now when I go for my weekly weigh in. And I have been pretty good about weight gain so far this pg! Sorry we have to put up with people and their lack of tact!
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