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Those with mthfr, have you flown?

This may be one of those "are you seriously asking this question" questions.  Sorry in advance if it is.  I have compound hetero mthfr and am on extra vitamins and baby aspirin to treat it.  I'm supposed to flying cross-country at the end of July and I'm now wondering if that's such a smart idea given that being in planes increases the average person's risk of blood clots, and I'm clearly not the average person in this case.  I think I'm extra sensitive to this because my last m/c occured a little over a week after taking the same cross-country flight. 

I have a call into my peri to get her opinion, but I'm curious what others in this situation have done. Thanks!

Re: Those with mthfr, have you flown?

  • I'd definitely ask the doctor.  It's probably completely fine but with your history I'd be more worried. 

    I haven't flown since being pregnant and have mthfr.  I probably would never have even thought about it causing a problem if I hadn't read this post. But it's best to be safe and ask. 

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  • I have a single hetero mutation, but have a history of DVT's. I had one about 8 years ago, and another at 9.5 weeks with this pregnancy. I've flown twice - once about 14-15 weeks and once around 18 weeks. I just made sure to have an aisle seat and got up to pee once or twice. My doc was fine with it - I'd still ask yours though! Lots of luck.
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  • Yes, and I'm flying again next week.  I'm hetero for MTHFR, but I also have a prothrombin mutation, which puts me at a higher risk for blood clots.  The hematologist I saw said flying is fine, I just need to make a point of getting up and walking around every couple of hours and moving and stretching my legs while I'm sitting.
  • I am also on baby aspirin and extra vitamins, and I flew at 23 weeks with no problems and/or restrictions from my Dr.

    If you are on the right dosages of medicines, your blood should be as thin as an average person.

    Being pregnant can increase your chance for blood clots, so make sure you pump your feet often while seated on the plane, and try to walk around a time or two if you can :)?

  • i have but not while pg, i would think if anything to ease your fears you should double check with your dr. and express concern about your m/c happening after the flight. are you on any meds?
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  • Wow, I hope you guys don't mind me butting in.  I'm not PG but I was wondering this exact same thing today.  It occurred to me that I was on a plane right before both of my m/c's.  I can't help but think that maybe it is related now that I have been diagnosed with both copies of MTHFR.  I am planning to ask my RE about this but I'm dying to know if anyone's doc has mentioned this to be a risk.
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