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Hey! I noticed all your siggy buttons and was wondering how your experience with the Bradley Method and going natural was. DH and I have signed up for Bradley Method classes in September and I'm pretty excited.

We also want to exclusively breastfeed as well (if it works out). 

Would you be wiling to share some tips on what's worked? Thanks!

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  • Oh, good for you!  That's exciting. 

    We had a great experience with Bradley and it helped us have a great birth.  We felt very prepared.  Education is so important.  My husband really enjoyed the classes too.  He started going to the classes just because I wanted him to but by the time it was over he was definitely committed.  It helped our marriage even!  LOL  We have even a stronger bond now.

    Any way, in April I went through the Bradley teacher training and am holding classes now as a provisional (student) teacher.  That's how much we liked it!  :)

    Whose class did you sign up with?  Michelle was my teacher at the birth center.  She's really a nice person and a great teacher.  She also runs the LLL meeting at the Hollywood birth center.  Highly recommend checking that out while pregnant.  Husbands are welcome at that LLL.

    I've sat in on a class with Shari.  She's been very nice to me too.

    Having support from your husband and being educated makes a huge difference in breast feeding.  Don't hesitate to ask for help early on.  My doula was also a lactation consultant.  If you deliver in a hospital, they have LC's on staff.  Or your midwife can help you if you give birth at home or the birth center.

    You and the baby both have to learn how to BF.  It's all about supply and demand.  The more time you spend breast feeding and skin to skin, the more milk you'll make.  That's the answer for most BFing trouble.

    So my doula helped me with BFing and I saw the LC twice while in the hospital to work on the latch.  BFing was very important to me and one of the reasons that I wanted an unmedicated birth.  So I wasn't shy about asking for help.

    My DS didn't quite gain his birth weight back by the two week check up but my pedi was very supportive of BFing.  He didn't want us to use formula.  Then Andrew gained like 9 oz in 5 days so we were all good. :)

    If you ever have any questions about anything, feel free to page me.  Or email-

    TayLynnP AT gmail DOT com

     good luck!

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  • Thanks so much! Glad to hear that the classes have a great effect on you marriage. And I'm really glad to hear that the Bradley Method prepared you guys for a natural birth and that you've begun teaching.

     Yes, we signed up with Michelle at the Hollywood Birth Center. We live in Palm Beach County but since the classes are Friday nights, I can just leave from work in Ft. Lauderdale.

    I'm hoping that DH can make the classes as well if his travel schedule permits. Because of his hectic business travel (he may miss a few classes), we may elect to also have a doula present.  So I'm hoping our midwife can make some suggestions.

    Our ob practice is only affiliated w/ 2 hospitals, so we'll be going w/ Boca Community. 

    And I don't know that much about breastfeeding, but I did purchase a bf book and will look into an LC either through the hospital, midwife or doula. I really would like to bf and keep it up for at least 6 months...but I don't know anyone (personally) that's done it that long. 

    Thanks for offering up your email for questions. I'm sure I'll have some more for you!


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  • Oh, no problem!

    I'm glad you're going with Michelle.  You'll learn a lot from her class.  :)  The relaxation and labor practices are important for going natural.

    We really appreciated having a doula for our hospital birth.  She's actually a friend of Michelle's.  I know she used to go to PB county.

    www.amazingbirths.com has a Boca location too. 

    But like you said, I would ask your midwife for recs.  It can help if the doula knows the hospital and medical staff.

    If you ever want to go to the LLL meeting at the Hollywood birth center on your way home from work let me know to look for you.  Michelle will tell you about it since she's the leader.  It's the 4th Monday of every month at 7 pm.  I think Darci Delgado may lead the one in Delray. 

    It's great that you have a 6 month goal of BFing!  Most women with the right support and education can breast feed.  It's a rare exception that there's a problem that you can't over come.  Although that does happen unfortunately.  Just don't give up until an LC says to!  ;)

    But usually the problems are things that can be worked out.  You just can't assume it will happen naturally though.  Mos of us just haven't seen enough BFing in our lifetime.  The personal help I got from the LC made a tremendous difference.  While you're in the hospital don't be afraid to ask the nurse to help or get an LC for you.  That's what they are there for.  It's better to learn how to get a good latch in the beginning that try to fix a bad one later.

    It's all about the latch and feeding the baby often.  You can do it! 


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