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Who wants to help me beat up my brother?

In 2007, my parents made a very poor financial decision, and now they're trying to save the house.  They're also trying to help support my 21 year old brother as he finishes his degree.

He is constantly screaming at my parents, calling them losers, etc. etc.  Well, now he said he is divorcing his family.  He said my mom is a complete fuuck up because she didn't finish college (everyone else in the family did except my mom).  She's always felt bad about this and he knows it and exploits it.

He is 21, hasn't worked in years, and expects my parents to fully support him.  He went on and on attacking my mom.  She is so hurt.  She hasn't told my dad bc he'll go and kick his as$ (which he fully deserves).  This weekend, he is sending his gf down to where my parents live to drop of his truck (in my parents name) and pick up whatever stuff he still has at my parents house.

How dare he attack his mother like this??  This kid needs a beat down! She is really upset and really hurt by his comments. 

Re: Who wants to help me beat up my brother?

  • Ooooh he sounds like a real gem! I will help lay the smackdown on him! Your poor Mom, I feel so sorry for her.

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  • Sounds like my youngest brother. Unfortunately there is not much you can do.Your parents are the ones that are going to have to cut the umbilical cord. It freaks me out how sometimes the youngest son can be the complete f*ck up, while the oldest child (that's me) is rational and is able to recognize when it is time to become fully independent. In my family, my little brother (who is now 22) was completely spoiled, so this situation has been a long time coming. He is lazy, expects my parents to give him whatever he wants, doesn't really work or wants to work, ugh.. it's disgusting. He really knows how to manipulate my parents.

    I don't think that the situation would be as bad if the youngest were a girl. I try to tell my parents that they need to kick him out in the street, but my "advice" falls on deaf ears. So I leave it alone, hoping that one day they will stand up to him. I really hope I don't have the same situation in my house when my kids get older. 

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    That is terrible and I feel so bad for your mom.  Your brother sounds so self centered and doesn't care who he hurts, as long as he gets what he wants.  I think your dad should know about this, no matter what the consequences are.  Your brother needs to know that he can't walk all over your parents after all they have done for him.  I'll help with the beat down lol.
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  • at least he's leaving the house!  I'm sorry he's attacked your mom like that, she sure doesn't deserve it and youir dad should kick his @ss.
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