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anyone's LO need physical therapy?

We had our eval last Thursday, and we go for our 1st actuall appt. this Thursday.  How quickly did you see results?

DS just turned a year and is not sitting from a lying position, crawling, pulling up, or walking.  He is also very wobbly when you have him walk holding his hands.  The therapist believes he just doesn't have the strength for his size (27lbs) and he hated tummy time so didn't get a lot of it.


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Re: anyone's LO need physical therapy?

  • Mine hasn't but try the Special Needs board.

  • Hey- I remember you from the Knot.  I think I made monograms for you!  Your little boy is adorable- such blue eyes!

    We just got my ds evaluated and they suggested physical therapy because he had torticollis as an infant (tilting of the head because of neck muscles tightened from a flat spot on his head.  As a result now, he runs funny- for some reason it made him bring his shoulders up and stick his tummy out when he runs.  We haven't gone yet because the evaluation just happened, but I was told that once it's done, there are no lasting effects.  I'm sure it will be the same for you.  But I wouldn't worry too much- 1 year old is still really young for walking.  Some babies don't walk until they're 15-16 months so you're still within the range of normal.

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  • We have our daughter in speech therapy - so not really the same thing but I wanted to tell you that you are doing the best thing you can for your son and also my nephew did not crawl till the week after his 1st birthday and did not walk until he was 18 months and never had any therapy!  So you are still in the "normal" range :-)

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  • Kate was in PT from 3-11 months for torticollis and again from 15-18 months for not walking.  At 12 months she was nowhere near pulling up, but she did crawl.  The PT was helpful for me to see ways to encourage her to develop new skills/strengthen the muscles she needed help with.  I think it helped, and it certainly didn't hurt.  She walked right at 18 months.
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