flat/inverted nipple question

I'm due in 6 weeks and plan to breastfeed.  I have one slightly inverted nipple that I can get to go back to normal (for lack of a better explanation) very easily just by sort of pinching it.  Will I have problems feeding and is there anything that I can/should do to make it easier for when the time comes? TIA!

Re: flat/inverted nipple question

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    Hmmm...not sure about what you can do now.  Maybe use nipple shells?  I'd ask your OB though first. 

    As for after if you're having the same issue after the baby comes, you can try pumping for a few minutes to draw the nipple out and then try to latch; or if all else fails you could always try a nipple shield if your LC advises you to do that.

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    I had the same thing.  My LO had problems latching on, but she had problems with both sides, so I don't think it was because of that.  I have heard of people wearing those breast shell things before giving birth to help, but I didn't do that.  I wore a nipple shield at first, but now she doesn't need it.  There are times when I still have to kind of pinch it to get it to go normal, but she can nurse fine now and has no problems.
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    adri77adri77 member
    I have flat nipples. i had to use a nipple sheild in the beginning. When I felt I was ready to wean from that, I would roll my nipples b/w my thumb and forefinger a little bit.  Eventually, they just decided to stay out on their own- I guess from the frequent nursing which draws them out.  I no longer have any sort of problem and haven't for quite sometime now.
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