I was going to purchase a Moby wrap, but am now thinking that a sling may be a better option.  Is there a particular sling that is good for breastfeeding?  Any favorites?  TIA!

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    I've had the most luck nursing in a rebozo (short woven wrap worn like a ring sling - I'm wearing one in my siggy).  Ring slings work well too since it's easy to adjust them and swing the baby into nursing position.  You can also nurse fairly easily in a mei tai (like the babyhawk) although I haven't personally done it.
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    I don't think, especially for a newborn, that a mei tai is a great nursing choice, not till the baby is older and can sit upright, control their head, and latch on and off on their own.  A ring sling is a great choice for beginning nursing, as is a 5 yard wrap (I don't like to recommend a Moby, because they are knit, and when the baby gets to 20 pounds, they sag in the wrap, meaning that you have to either wrap the wrap too tight to start, or that the baby sags's also not safe for a back carry once the baby is heavier, as the knit doesn't protect against arching and falling of the benefits of a wrap is that you can wear the baby front or back...I would say a woven wrap is the way to go, you can get the fabric for one at JoAnns for 20-30 bucks, or spend up to $200 for an expensive German version).

    I'd recommend going to your local LLL meeting and asking if there are any local sling makers in your area.  I make a killer cute ring sling, but I"m not sure if I'm anywhere near you, and I like to show the mama how to use it when she picks it up.  Also, if you ordered one online, you could ask the women at your LLL meeting to show you how to use it when the meeting closes...many women there use one or can send you to somebody who can show you how.

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    You will have to try some slings/wraps and see what you and baby like.  I made a pouch sling that we liked but then it started to get too warm (I'm HOT all the time) so I made another out of a lighter pretty patterned cotton.  She soon didn't like the fit over her head while nursing so I did the easy jersey wrap (6 yards of cotton jersey cut in half lengthwise).  I knew that would be too hot come summer so I ordered a Vatani woven wrap.  Over the past month I have also been using 2 ring slings I made- ordered the rings online, hemmed a few yards of cotton and muslin (yeah, I know it'll not be strong enough when she is heavier) and once threaded away we walk/shop/whatever.  Right now I would say the ring slings were cheep and are the most convienent -quick on/off and cool- but once she is less of a spitter I hope to wear her on my back more w/ the wrap.

    On the other hand, I know a lot of ladies who use baby bjorns and are happy - can't nurse in them though and they are car nursers--- it's a style/comfort thing.


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    I used the hotsling when DD was younger. 
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