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low tone babies?

Hi my ds is almost 4 months old,at his 2 month dr's appt the dr mentioned he has low tone in his upper body and we would just see how it is at his 4 month appt,well his tone has not improved ,he feels like he will slip through my fingers,plus he doesn't push with his arms while on his belly although he has already rolled both ways,well his appt isn't for another 3 weeks,and i'm thinking i should already call EI and get the process started since it takes a while,my older ds receives services so i know the process,so my ? would u wait for 3 more weeks to see dr even though i know he will say about calling EI or should i call this week,thanks ladies!!

Re: low tone babies?

  • I would call EI first.  It takes a while and jsut because you are going to see the doctor does not mean you will get all the answers you are looking for at that time.  Our son had very low tone and was always very behind on his physical milestones. 

     We started looking for answers about his low tone in August and did not get his diagnosis of SMA until the end of December.  He had already been enrolled in EI for a few months.  I was glad I didn't wait to get him started with EI.  Best of luck and let us know how your appointment goes.  I am curious about what your doctor will have to say.

  • Campbell has moderately low tone, but a friend of mine's baby is very low tone.  Both our babies see the same EI and PT and I would encourage you to pursue therapy asap.  I'm sure  your dr would be willing to write the prescription in the off chance they get the ball rolling before your appointment in 3 weeks.
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  • I too would call right away. 

    My son had his first EI eval at 3 months old, and now at almost 10 months old is finally off the "waiting list" for services and will be getting some therapy starting this week. If you think that he will need the therapy, get the eval done now so that he is on the waiting list sooner rather than later. We also have my son in private PT and OT for now, but our insurance only covers 20 visits per year, so we need the EI to take over where the insurance leaves off.  

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