Breast Feeding must haves-pls recommend

Hi all. I am new to the BF form. I plan to BF the LO and would like to make sure I have everything I need in order to have a smooth BF experience. So far, I have

- Medela breast pump (since I plan to go back to work )

- Boppy nursing pillow

I am going to buy the Lanolin cream, soothing gels and nursing tanks. Would love to get recommendations for the best brands for the above and if I need anything else in addition? TIA.

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Re: Breast Feeding must haves-pls recommend

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    extra pump parts and collection bottles so you don't have to wash at work. Cheaper than the wipes or steam clean bags in the long run.

    You'll want some nursing bras as well as tanks.

    Otherwise just have the phone number of a good LC on hand  =)

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    A good reference book - I really liked So That's What They're For.

    I still wear nothing but nursing tanks.  The Target ones are great for around the house, sleeping and under things (they are cheap and comfy).  I also like the Glamourmom long tanks - well because they are long!  I'm small chested though so a tank is plenty of support for me.

    I wear washable pads - I'm still leaking 6 months out and got tired of the plastic, crunchy sound of the disposable ones.  I used both Lansinoh and Medela pads - both were fine.  If you get washable ones, I'd recommend ones with a PLU backing so you don't leak through them.

    Biggest must have for the early days - a comfortable nursing spot, someone to bring you food and drink, and something good to watch or read - you'll be spending a lot of time there!

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    I've really used my pump (as I too am back to work), the boppy (actually bought one to have upstairs and another for downstairs), lansinoh cream, nursing pads (I still leak), nursing tanks (I bought the Gilligan and O'Malley ones at target- super cheap and super comfy!) and nursing bras (splurged here and went to specialty shop to be fitted about 10days after having her),  cheap nursing bras (also from target to take to the hospital with me,) lansinoh milk storage bags, hands free easy expressions bra (awesome for pumping at work so you can do other things, like nest! Smile) medela steam bags for cleaning things, medela wipes to clean parts at work . . I think that's most everything I use for breastfeeding! Hope that helps and good luck!
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    Oh, and I second the extra sets of pumps parts and bottles! I work 12 hour days, so I have 4 sets and it is a lifesaver to not have to wash stuff as frequently throughout the day! And get a big water bottle to carry around a drink so you stay really hydrated!
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    If you want to be able to nurse outside your house (and you will get cabin fever after a while!), I definitely recommend a Hooter Hider/Bebe au Lait nursing cover. I also love the My Brest Friend nursing pillow. The flat surface supports the baby well and it hooks together securely so it really stays in place. Like a pp mentioned, a good LC is indispensable!

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    I also have 2 boppy pillows one for in her room and one for down stairs. Also if one gets dirty I have a back up until the other is clean. I love my glamourmom tank tops, I wear them every day altough I do have 2 nursing bras from when I nursed DS the tanks are a must though. This time around I got a Bebe au Lait nursing cover and really like it. It took me a while to learn to nurse and cover with a blanket and this is so much easier.

    Having a resource person to contact in the beginning is very helpful. GL with your delivery.

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    Oh, and I second the extra sets of pumps parts and bottles! I work 12 hour days, so I have 4 sets and it is a lifesaver to not have to wash stuff as frequently throughout the day!

    I reuse my pump parts for 1 day by sticking them in the fridge between pumpings at work. I just wash them once at the end of the day. It's SO much easier!

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    JCMJCM member
    I have a Boppy and a My Brest Friend Nursing Pillows and I LOVE the My Brest Friend. I have found that it is much easier to use and situate LO when nursing.  I have just started using Boppy again since LO is a bit bigger and my tummy is a bit smaller.  I keep the Boppy in the living room for use during the day and the My Brest Friend in the bedroom for use in the middle of the night.  If I only had one I would get the My Brest Friend!  Good luck!
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    Only buy one tube of lanolin cream - you won't need the whole thing. I got a tube that my friend had partially used, and still didn't use the whole thing. It's the Medela lanolin cream, and I really liked it. Now that we are established, I haven't needed the cream for quite some time.

    If you're going back to work, you'll need a freezer stash. I have a First Years freezer storage container, and I love it. It freezes the bags flat for you, and organizes them really easily. I have been using the Lansinoh bags, and think they're great so far.

    I bought nursing tanks from Target, and I really like them. Buy a size larger than your regular size so that your nursing boobs fit in them! :)

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    Thanks for all the info. I certainly have a new shopping list with me now.
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    I recommend against the Boppy pillow, because it is too short (makes mama lean toward baby, messing up latch and putting nipples at peril of getting sore!), and because it slopes in toward Mama (causing baby to roll inward, messing up latch).  I really think that the My Breast Friend is a much better choice all around.

    I would recommend going to a series of four LLL meetings before your baby is born, or as many as you can get to, if there aren't that many months before the baby is born!  The nice thing about going ahead of time is that you will get useful info (for free!) that you are likely to need before you get to a meeting after the baby is born.  Too, the Leader's services helping you figure out latch and trouble shooting other issues is free...and getting to know and trust her beforehand can be a huge help when you're exhausted and have questions!  Here is the link to the meetings in your area.

    A great support system is important to have in place.  It makes it a lot easier when your most important job is feeding and getting to know your baby!

    A water bottle and some really quick to grab healthy snacks (cheese and crackers, yogurt, soup in the crock pot, bagged salad, nuts, fruit and cut up veggies...) are important.  You need to be well fed and hydrated to heal and make lots of milk for the baby!

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    big fan of the car adaptor - especially after I forgot my AC adaptor, that was an uncomfy day.

    don't buy too many pads - I didn't leak very much and only at the very beginning. now i have 4 boxes in the closet.

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    you already have a great list from the pps but i'd recommend a second nursing cover. one for the diaper bag/home and one for your pump so you can cover yourself at work. i can't tell you how many times i've been walked in on regardless of the closed door and sign.
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