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Do I really need all three pieces?

Okay, I've been looking at a few different collections online. I plan to go see them in person when I get a chance, but do I really the crib (that converts into a double bed), dresser, and chest? I like all the pieces, but will I really need all that in the room? Maybe just the crib and one of the other pieces? What are y'all doing?


Re: Do I really need all three pieces?

  • I am actually just getting a crib, a long dresser that will double as the changer and a set of those bookshelves that are separate cubes (it's 4 tall by 2 cubes wide) that will be used for books, random toys etc.  and then anything else will hopefully fit in the closet.  We don't have a huge room (10x10ish) so I didn't have much choice.  But I think I still would have done something similar even with a bigger room b/c I don't always like it when all the furniture matches each other, but that's just my style.


  • I bought a crib that converts into a full size bed, a long dresser and a glider and ottoman. ?That was enough for me I did not see the need for a chest. ?I may get a changing table but I would get like a $50-75 dollar one and paint it myself. ?I would not spend money on a changing table.
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  • My room is on the small side with very little wall space (the closet takes one wall and two windows on two walls makes the space on those walls tight) We decided to do just a dresser/changing table and crib. I would love to get all three pieces since I plan to do forever furniture, but we can not squeeze anything else in the room.
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  • i have a crib and chaning table.  i didnt get a dresser since she has adequate closet space for a baby.  i love my changing table and she LOVE just laying on it all buckled in.  she thinks it is really fun to lay up on it even when she is not dirty (i have no idea why!!)

  • I dont see the need for the dresser & chest either unless maybe your closet/storage space is really bad. If this is furniture you're going to keep for awhile & you're goign to have a full sized bed in there eventually, will there even be room for all that furniture? It might be good to spend $150 on a closet organizer system from Lowes or HD instead to give you some extra storage. GL!
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