TTC after 35

how long should I wait before I try again?

we are due in October of this year, and since I will be 39 when the LO is born, how soon can I (or realistically, should I) try to conceive again?  It seems quite scary to have 2 babies in diapers at the same time, but I know the window of oppty is closing. 

what did you do?

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Re: how long should I wait before I try again?

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    Most doctors say to wait at least a year if you have a caesarian delivery.  Maybe 6-8 months if you have a vaginal delivery.

    As for two under two...lots of people do it.  I will be 35 when I deliver this baby and we plan to TTC #2 when #1 is about 15-16 months old.  FWIW, I am a twin and our younger brother is 16 months younger (mom got pg with him when we were 7 months old).  It was nice having siblings so close in age.  DH has a brother 14 years older, 5 years older and a sister 5 years younger.  They are not nearly as close as I am with my brothers, so I think closer in age may be a plus there too.


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    My DH & his brother are only 10 months apart.  Though his mom was only in her 20's when she had them....
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    I was 38 when I had my first baby and planned to start trying as soon as I got my period again. ?I ended up getting pregnant before I got my period (when I had a 5 month old), but miscarried. ?I am trying again ?- but haven't ovulated since the miscarriage (which was 4 months ago). ?I'm now 39 and started Clomid to try to ovulate. ?If this doesn't work, I plan to go to an RE. ? It's a personal decision, but I would not put it off because you don't know how long it will take or what complications you may have.
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