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An underperformer??

So I just started back to work last week, and needless to say, my pump has become my best friend. However, every single time I pump, one side gets waaayy more than the other. I'm talking like 3x more. Is this normal? I've never noticed my DS not getting satisfied from this side, and never had this problem while pumping while on leave. I still get the amount I need, but it's just mostly from 1 side. I've tried switching out the pump and have the same results. Should I be concerned?
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Re: An underperformer??

  • i have same problem.  i have a lazy lefty!  although since i've been back at work 3 weeks now lefty is starting to catch up.  i wouldn't worry too much about it.  have you tried doing compressions when you pump?  that seems to help me as well
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  • Great idea...I'll try that and see if it helps. Hopefully it will catch up with time!
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