TTC after 35


How are you doing?  You hanging in there?  Just wanted to check in.  Did you schedule a blood test?

Good luck and thinking about you!

Re: *bcn68*

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    I'm doing much better after all the responses I got.  AF still hasn't showed and I did get 2 BFP's although the 2nd was lighter than first.  Nausea has come on much stronger the last few days so that makes me feel better if you know what I  I haven't scheduled a blood test.  My work hours are 6:30am to 3:30pm and then I pick up my DD after work (an hour drive) so it just hasn't happened.  I did schedule my 1st prenatal appt but it isn't until the 7/28 (HMO)!!  I'm trying to hang in there and not go so crazy like I did after that 2nd test at 18dpo (6/28). 

    Thank you for checking in on me...that was so sweet:)

    Baby to dust to you!!!

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    So glad you are feeling better!  And nauseous, even!  That must be reassuring.
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