Medela vs Avent Pumps

Can you ladies share some of your pro's and con's for the Medela Pump or the Avent Pump?

I have on my registery a Medela pump but then started liking the Avent bottles and figure that I should look into the Avent pump instead since 1) its Cheaper and 2) it seems smaller and easier to clean. Any suggestion would be great! Thanks!


Re: Medela vs Avent Pumps

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    I haven't used either pump.I use the Purely Yours pump. It's cheaper and it's the only FDA approved pump. The milk never touched the parts that make the pump work. It goes from the boob to the bottle.

    I use the avent hand pump though as a backup and I do like it a lot. It suctions well and to be honest I feel like I get an ounce or two more with it than the purely yours.

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    avent makes a pump converter so you can use their bottles with any pump. i have the ameda purely yours as well and i love it!
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    DD#1 was in the NICU so I had to start pumping. For the first month I used the hospital grade Medela, but decided to buy a pump b/c renting wasn't worth the cost. I ended up purchasing the Avent Duo Isis IQ...loved it! Now with DD#2, I exclusively pump and had to switch back to the Medela. My nipples are too large for the flanges of the Avent (sorry if TMI) and you cannot buy larger sizes as they are permanetly fixed to the pump. I did try the pumpin' pals extenders, but no luck. I still prefer the Avent for the suction and speed control, but hate that you are limited to the one flange size. 

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    To be honest I have the Medela Pump n Style. I love it to death!! I too had on my registry. if you need some comments on what works and not check out Baby Bargins book. That's how I made my decision on what pump to buy. I love how it's fast.
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