fenugreek- how long to take effect?

Those of you who have taken fenugreek- how long before you noticed a difference?

 I know fenugreek does not work for everyone. 

Re: fenugreek- how long to take effect?

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    My lactation nurse told me just yesterday that it could take 2 full days before you see any kind of difference...

     But if that doesn't work, she said to try something called blessed thistle.  And she said that could also take 2 days.

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    There are products that combine fenugreek and blessed thistle. One is More Milk Plus. I haven't tried it yet but hope to order some soon from amazon since there's no place here to buy it!?
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    Fenugreek actually works a lot better when COMBINED with blessed thistle.  Should notice a difference within a couple of days, but you also have to be fully draining the breast and nursing every two hours or so during the day and no more than every four hours at night.
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