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DH sweet & funny

I updated my blog to share about Megan Grace and DH was just reading it.  When I went in there, he had tears in his eyes.  I had told him about their story before, but he visited the ForMeganGrace blog for the first time today.  I thought it was really sweet that he was so touched by their story.  He gave me a big hug (and if you're reading this Amber- you guys are in his prayers too).

And the funny... he was looking at the pictures of the fundraiser walk and he said "Isn't that Speed" and "Isn't that Eswan"  (using their real names, since that's how he knows them) and I said yes.  Then he laughed and commented "Even I know the Nesties!"  LOL 

Re: DH sweet & funny

  • DH loves knowing the nesties too, by their real names.  The funniest part is when he knows you guys by your babies, not you.  I'll say "you know, John's mom", and he knows who I'm talking about.  Funny boys.

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  • Hehe....DH knows most of you by your Nest names. When McJamie started working with me, I'd tell him something about "Jamie," and he'd (jokingly) stare at me blanky, and say "Who???" And wouldn't stop until I said "McJamie." Then he'd say, "Ohhhhhhhhh!"

    But, he's a smartass.  Smile

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  • Yeah... Dh knows "Liam's mom" and "Natalie's mom."  Stick out tongue  He's met Speed, but not Ben, which is why he knows only her name... and I'm not sure why he's able to remember ESwan's name, but he does.  :)

  • That's so sweet of your DH.  Mine also knows everyone by their baby's name.  :)  I always say "on the NC board" but I'm pretty sure I don't have to say that part anymore. 
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  • I think there needs to be a nestie DH board.  DH says "what would we talk about?".  My answer "what do we talk about?".

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  • that is very sweet of him!

    And you never know, maybe he would have recognized other people in the pic if he had met them in person too! Perhaps you just have a very observant husband- wonder what that would be like!?

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