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I love your graddaughter's nursery and we are thinking of doing stripes on the wall like that as well. Do you have any tips on how to make it look great like yours?

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  • Our daughter and son-in-law painted three walls the SW Basket Beige, the wall that had the stripes was painted a nice SW pink Rosy Outlook, I think.  We  used blue painter's tape and a laser level after coming up with a pattern that was visually appealing, using the 4 other colors.  We measured and taped off the vertical spaces, allowing the the pink to be one of the colors in the pattern. Then painted the remaining 4 colors with a 3" sponge roller. 

    Our secret was to really press down on the edges of the tape so none of the paint could bleed through.  We were painting on plaster walls in a vintage building and the stripes were surprisingly straight, very little touch-up was needed.

     I wish I still had close-ups on my computer, but they were all saved to shutterfly.  Good luck!

  • there is a new tape called Frog Tape that is carried at Lowe's (maybe HD but IDK). It actually has a silicone glue base to seal out the paint from going under the tape. All you have to do is smooth it out. A wallpaper smoother (approx. $1.74) will do the trick too. I took the Frog tape, a laser level and the blue chalk that you can flick to do mine and they turned out perfect! 


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  • Fantastic!! Thank you for the tips! I can't wait to see how it turns out! :)

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