EBF- How to build a freezer stash??

I am EBF my son and I'm going back to work in a few weeks and trying to get some milk in the freezer.  Currently I am pumping in the am about an hour after his feeding but I'm usually only getting between 3-4oz total.  I don't know when else to pump, he eats about every 2-3 hours throughout the day so I don't want to pump and not have enough left for him.  How did you ladies get your stash established?
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Re: EBF- How to build a freezer stash??

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    When DD dropped her 5am feeding I pumped that milk for a long time and that's how I got my stash. I eventually gave up pumping at that time to get some extra sleep ! I would suggest pumping right after he eats, you might not get much at first, but it will get some. Also, he should have plenty to eat when his feeding time comes around again if you do it right after.
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    I pump 2 times a day.  In the morning about an hour after first feed and in the evening before I go to bed.  I was pumping an hour after a mid-day feed too, but stopped that.  I don't get as much as you though!  If you pump same time every day your body will make milk for baby and for pump.  DD has wanted to eat right after I've pumped and ut has been fine.  I have over 60 ounces frozen.
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    I was a little behind the rest. I pumped after my am feeding and had a stash of about 20 ounces when I went back to work. To my surprise my LO drank 6oz in a sitting at 12weeks so I had to start pumping 3-4 times at work rather than the 2 times he drank a bottle while I was out.

    I would say pump in the am after his feeding and in the pm after the last one (if he sleeps through the night) - - Your amount will grow if you pump even if there is nothing coming out. It tells your body it needs to push more down at that time and within a few days more will be available for pumping.

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