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Striped Walls- Boy


I was wondering if anyone has pictures of their boy nursery that has striped walls with a chair rail (so 1/2 the wall is striped, either above or below the chair rail, and the other 1/2 is solid).

It would be wonderful if you could share your pics with me! I'm looking for inspiration!

Thanks SO much in advance!

Re: Striped Walls- Boy

  • Oh, shoot. I have some on Photobucket, but I don't know if I can view them from work.....

     ETA: Nope, the site is blocked. I'll try to remember when I get home late tonight, but it may be tomorrow.  We did stripes above the chair-rail line and kept the bottom solid.

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  • I finally figured out how to do it from Photobucket!  :)  This is just a preview, though, because the room is just paint and empty furniture, literally nothing else!





  • I actually posted this same question earlier without seeing you asked it.  I also posted it on under decorating.  The title of the post is Vertical Stripes I believe.  Anyway someone posted a picture there of exactly what you are looking for.  I think it looks great.  That is what we want to do.
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