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Ugh just what I didnt need this week...

So I previously mentioned that DD#1 is having her endo/colonoscopy Thursday.  Well I dont know if I previously mentioned but DD#2 was overdosed with Reglan at around a month old.  She suffers from something similar to tardive dyskinesia but has yet to be formally diagnosed with it.  Well I was talking with our lawyer today and he told me that he wants us to go see our special Pediatric neurologist tomorrow at 1:30 pm  in Los Angeles....(about a 3 hour drive with traffic)  I am not thrilled about this.  I need to start DD#1 on her liquid diet and milk of magnesia tomorrow for prep for the precedure.  Dont get me wrong i would take my DDs to any doctor any place in the world if it is best but this is only in the interest of our court case because my lawyer is consdering switching him as our professional witness.  It just frustrates me that this is all happening at once.  Now I have to find childcare for DD#1 and make sure that follow her strict diet restrictions. Grrr.... Thanks for letting me vent.
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Re: Ugh just what I didnt need this week...

  • That sucks :(


    I can't even imagine how to schedule for 2 kids, let alone 2 SN kids... I barely keep my head above water with 1!

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