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PSA: Infant passports & SSN

We are going to Toronto to visit my family July 24. We had been waiting to get his social security number so we could complete the passport application. It just came Thursday, so we had to pay about $75 extra to rush his passport. As we were discussing the fees, the woman told us we could have just entered zero's for the SSN since we didn't have it yet.

I was so annoyed. If we had known that, I could have done this 3 weeks ago with DH and avoided the rush fees. DH is even more ticked. Mr. I-eat-fast-food-everyday and Mr. run-to-the-store-'cause-I-need-candy-now hates to waste money - lol (don't get me started on the subject of him and $$ right now).

Re: PSA: Infant passports & SSN

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    steverstever member

    That's good to know. We'll be needing a passport for our LO as DH's family is in the UK, but we've got no immediate plans to travel so we can take our sweet time getting his papers in order.

    Have fun in Toronto!

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    Thanks for info. Sorry that you had to find out the hard and expensive way. I am still waiting for my passport with my new married name.
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    We're not sure how our passport situation will be, either.  Our daughter will have US, French and Canadian citizenship possibilities, and the paperwork just boggles me.  

    I guess I get to lay down the law that we can't plan any trips at all untilk we have at least one passport for her in-hand. 

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