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Any running mamas??

I've been a bit slow on getting back into my running groove since kiddo was born - I think in part because I'm tired of running circles around my neighborhood!

So, any suggestions on good, stroller friendly running spots?

And is anyone interested in doing a stroller running GTG?

Re: Any running mamas??

  • I don't run enough to consider myself a runner.  But I have been working on getting back into running.  I don't really live near you (I'm out near Clayton) or I'd be up for running together sometime.  I pretty much stick to a treadmill or a path near my house for now.
  • I haven't run since my baby was born (6 weeks ago) but I look forward to getting back out there soon. I am not sure where you are located, but I think Lake Pine in Apex would be good for stroller running, b/c it is paved and fairly flat. I used to run at Lake Johnson a lot, but the hills are pretty intense and I don't think I could run and push a stroller up them. I would love to be a part of a running GTG when I am able to exercise again. My tailbone is still healing from delivery, so it will be a while before I am able to run!
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  • I usually run in Umstead Park. But lately it's been to run outside.
  • As soon as my DS is old enough for a running stroller I'd be up for a mommy runner GTG! I too am sick of running circles around my neighborhood at night after DH gets home. 

    Another good place to meet up might be Centennial Campus at NCSU on the weekend.

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  • I run.  Lately just by myself because it's been so hot.  When it's nice though I bring Olivia along with me. We usually do Lake Johnson which is just short of 3 miles and paved.  There are hills which we end up walking up because even if I'm in shape, pushing her and the stroller would give me heart attack if we were running up them!  A running group or even stroller walking would be fun and motivational to get out there rather than going alone!
  • Maybe we can give it a go and then see if there's interest in making it a regular thing (like once a week or every other week or something)?  Out of the places suggested, Umstead is closest to me (do they have paved trails?  I can't remember), but I'm happy to come into Raleigh since there are more folks there.

    Is there a day that works better for people who are interested?  I'm thinking as hot as it is, morning is the best time.  I usually run by 7 but if there's shade, a bit later is ok.  Until the end of July I teach a class every morning, but I could do weekends if anyone wants to go sometime soon.

    Let me know if anyone wants to try to meet up!

  • I'd be interested in running.  My LO is 4+ months so I wouldn't be able to start running with him for another 2 months.  this sounds fun though. 
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