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I just wanted to say hi and tell you that I was feeling pretty much the same thing at around 17 weeks (except for studying for the bar part!). But let me tell you that my whole world changed right around 18-19 weeks. We found out the baby was a he, I woke up one day with a belly that I normally only had late at night after dinner and I actually started to feel little movements. I feel like they all happened from one day to the next and then I was really able to tell the difference week after week from that point on. I feel like evey week the belly gets bigger and there are more kicks! so much fun. Anyways, I just wanted to tell you not to stress about not feeling pregnant because it will happen before you know it. Good luck with studying!

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  • thanks jess! :) i can't wait. i know you're right...things are going to get a lot more real in the next few weeks.

    how are you feeling?! can you believe that you're practically in your 3rd trimester already? when is your shower? how is Nico's nursery coming along??
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  • I'm feeling really good just big. I can't stand the "I didn't get that big until the 9th month of my pregnancy "comments from certain family members. We were in Orlando this weekend and I was so ashamed at first to get in the pool in my bikini. I felt like everyone was staring at my exposed belly. I hope no one got offended.  I also had my first case of swollen feet. We spent the whole day yesterday shopping at the outlet malls and I paid for it last night but I'm back to normal today. 

    Nico's room is coming out so cute I can't stand it. We painted it navy blue and then put white wainscotting on the bottom. We are still waiting for his furniture to arrive. All that's in there right now is a bookcase, chair and ottoman. We decided not to get a glider/rocker since the room is on the small side and I couldn't find one that I liked for a reasonable price. We ended up buying a chair at ikea for $99 and its looks great in the corner of the room.  I go in there everyday after dinner and just sit in the chair with a big smile on my face. Nico must like it too because he's really active around that time. lol.

    My shower is not going to be until the end of Aug because it's the only time we could find that everyone was going to be in town. It feels like its so far away!

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  • i just looked at some of your pics on fb, and 1st of all, you look GREAT, and 2nd of all, the room is coming out so cute! i love the color :)

    i bet you looked perfect in your bikini. i have always loved the look of a pregnant woman with a big baby bump in a bikini...i think it's adorable. people were probably staring because you looked really cute! just ignore all the comments. people are really stupid sometimes and love to say things w/o thinking about how it's going to make you feel.

    i bet your shower feels like it's such a long wait, but it's going to make the time between the actual shower and when nico is born fly by! my cousin who is due on august 28th just had her shower this weekend and it was so exciting to see her get all her gifts and see all the stuff that the baby is going to be using and wearing. she told me that it was a lot of work to organize everything, and return stuff, etc., but that at the same time it was incredibly exciting to see the nursery full of stuff. it helps it to really sink in that the baby is arriving soon.

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