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IHO dbert's post: conv. car seat recomm.

I think it's about time for us to buy a convertible car seat for DS.  He is really close to the weight limit of his infant seat.  Ugghh, I hate to give it up.  He has loved that seat!  Do any of you ladies have a recommendation for a convertible car seat? Thanks!
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Re: IHO dbert's post: conv. car seat recomm.

  • I book marked the ones people suggested on here, but now I can't find it. I know they said Britax Marathon, Evenflo Triumph and another one made by Britax. But I can't find that one.




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  • I have the Britax Diplomat and love it. My mom has the FP Safe Voyage and I don't like it as much as ours, but it's fine and Maddie doesn't have a problem with it. Babycheapskate.com usually has all the Britax sales listed.
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  • I know you will get many different recs but we have the Britax Boulevard and LOVE it! We moved Connor into it at about 5 months old and he has been very comfortable in it since day one.  We did A LOT of researching before we picked this one and we are so glad we did.  I will absolutely purchase this one again when we have #2.
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  • We just got the Britax Roundabout - so far I like it.  SO much easier to install than the Snugride was.  And it's easy to get him in and out of.

    I have a feeling he'll outgrow the Roundabout before he's ready for a booster, but we have a small car (2 door Civic - yes a 2 door sucks with a kid!) and I was worried the Marathon wouldn't fit.  The Roundabout actually takes up less room than the Snugride did (even rear facing).

  • I've always heard Britax is the way to go if you can afford it. Which I can't. I have the Evenflo Trumph Advance and I love it!
  • We have the Britax Marathon and love it. There was just a sale on them at Amazon... it was $50 off a seat. Not sure if it is still going on. It was listed on babycheapskate.com
  • We also have a Britax Roundabout and have been very happy with it.
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  • We currently have a Britax Boulevard and a Britax Diplomat.  My mom has an Evenflo Triumph Advance in her car.  We like all three.

    Diapers.com is having a really good sale and I just bought a Britax Roundabout on there.  It's one of the tan colored ones and it was a heck of a deal.  I can also send you a $10 off code if you check out their website and see something you like.  Just let me know.  I just got another crib, the Roundabout and a potty seat all for really good deals on there and they have free shipping! 

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  • For some reason the one I bought is now $30 more, but they still have several Roundabouts that are $179 with 15% off is $152 and with another $10 off and free shipping, it's a good deal. 

    Here's the code


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  • i have an evenflo triumph advance. i love it. it's super easy to use, and it was pretty cheap.

    i was planning on spending the $$ on a marathon, but i liked the evenflo better. try them in the store to get an idea of which one you like best. that's what i did!

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