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Car seat weight/age question

My car seat only goes up to 22 pounds, why I didn't get one that went up higher, I have no idea. Jocelyn has her 4th month check next week and I am pretty sure she will be at least 17lbs if not more. So that means by 6/7 months she will probably have outgrown her car seat. What do I move up to? I am confused by that? Do most babies move up seats at that age?



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Re: Car seat weight/age question

  • Don't feel bad about your infant seat!  As Jocelyn gets bigger, you are not going to want to carry her in the infant seat anymore.  Nate was about 18 lbs when he was 4 months and when he was 5-6 months old we swtiched to a convertible car seat.  I really hated carrying him in the infant seat the last month or so that he was in it.  It was just too heavy!  So once she gets to the point that she is either too heavy for you in the infant seat, or she's uncomfortable in there, or she meets the height/weight limit, you just switch to a convertible seat.  It's pretty common for babies to move up to a convertible seat before they are 1, but you don't have to switch seats until they have outgrown the infant seat.
  • You probably didn't get one that went up higher because (like me) you wanted a carrier that could fit in a  'travel system' lol. But to answer your question, yes, it seems like I bought Sophie's new seat when she was about 9 months. She is very small for her age but I decided to go ahead and get the convertable car seat before we made a long ride to the beach last year. She was way more comfortable in it.
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  • I don't remember exactly when we switched over- it was before she reached 20 lbs though.

    I would get a convertible, since she will still have to be rear facing, and then you can turn it around when it's safe.

    Don't worry about not getting a convertible from the beginning. Even though they are rated for most newborns- I wouldn't use it at that age. The seat just seems too big for them at that point. Plus you would have missed out on being able to just detach the infant seat and carry/cart her around in that.

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  • Connor outgrew his infant seat in length long before he would have in weight.  We switched him to the convertible seat when he was about 5 months old.  But like pp, he was getting way too heavy to carry in the infant seat and I was glad to make the change.
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  • I switched Natalie to the convertible around 7 mo old.  I think she was only 18 lbs at that time -- I just could stand carrying the infant seat anymore and she hated being reclined.  I'd actually stopped taking the infant seat in and out by that time and just carried in to/from the car in my arms.
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  • I switched Maddie to her convertible seat when she was about 16-17 lbs (around 8.5 months for her). She was just too heavy for me to carry in the seat anymore! But I think once they outgrow the infant seat then they will be more comfy in the convertible anyway.

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  • Kiddo hasn't outgrown his infant seat but we've already switched him.  Like everyone else said, that sucker gets heavy!  Plus he seems to like the position of the new seat better (not as reclined).
  • We kept dd in her infant seat till she was about 9 months old... at that point I think she was just too hot (it was June). She could still ride in it weight wise and maybe even length wise but she is really small. She went from that to riding rear facing in her convertible seat (Britax Marathon)
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