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Do I really need the Ergo Infant insert?

I just bought the Ergo and I want to use it with my infant. Do I really need to buy the infant insert or were you able to use it without the insert? Any advice on how you did it would be appreciated.

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Re: Do I really need the Ergo Infant insert?

  • We have it with the insert. I believe that without the insert, it doesn't provide the necessary head support. Also, with the insert, baby's legs are together, which apparently makes a difference for hip health (you'll notice that at the first few pediatrician's appointments they do a hip check thing), so that baby isn't forced to sit with splayed hips.
  • I think you'll need the insert.  We used the Bjorn for the first six or so months.  I just got an Ergo, using it for the first time this weekend.  DD is 20lbs now - I don't see being able to use it safely when she was really little.  Plus you need the head/neck support by laying her in the insert.  Babies in the Ergo (w/out the insert) have to support their own head.

    Although...the insert does just look like a pad (in the DVD anyway).  You might be able to devise your own pad.  But I'd go the safer route with the correct insert.

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  • I would definitely get it! We used it in the position of her sitting sideways in the Ergo. She loved it so much. She could look out and always fell asleep and was comfortably upright, which helped with her reflux. She is so attached to that insert, that even though she outgrew it about a month ago, we still wrap her in it (without putting her in the Ergo) to get her to go to sleep for naps. It's pretty funny. I found it indispensable and very versatile. We're now waiting for her to get big enough for the Ergo without the insert and are using the Bjorn in the meantime.

    The only thing I will caution is that I had a February baby, so the warmth was a good thing, but the Ergo with the insert is really warm and might be an issue now. 

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  • We never used it with the insert.  Since you'll be using it in the summer, it will be WAAY too hot!

    Last summer, I just carried DS in a fetal position (sitting on his legs with his head facing my chest) in the Ergo.  It worked quite well until he was almost 3 months old--when he didn't like sitting that way anymore.  He never liked being in the infant position.

  • Thanks everyone. I might try it without in the fetal position and if that doesn't work, I'll go ahead and buy the insert. Sometimes she just wants to be held and it would be nice to be able to get some things done around the house while having her with me.
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