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Dr. Safinski or Dr. James patients

Hi, I'm in the process of finding a new OB and I've already gotten some great suggestions, but unfortunately some of the ones recommended aren't on my insurance. So I was also told that Iparraguire is not on my plan but his partner Safinski is. So was wondering if anyone had experience with him. And what happens if a partner covers the delivery but he's not on the plan?

About Dr. James, a friend told me that there are three doctors in the practice but they're not the only ones who cover deliveries, sometimes you get a doctor from a different practice. Did anyone have this happen? What did you think of the situation?

Thanks for any help!


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Re: Dr. Safinski or Dr. James patients

  • My mom and aunt used to go to Dr. Safinski and they loved him!  He used to be partners with my now obgyn (Dr. Glick)

    sorry, i don't know about the plan coverage, though!

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