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Prenatal Vitamins Q

Anyone get AWFUL constipation from Prenatal vitamins?  Any recommendations?  I increased my fiber but then I literally think that ALL just sat in my system and didn't move- super uncomfortable. 


I read I could also just take a folic acid supplement along with a reg vitamin. 


Re: Prenatal Vitamins Q

  • I would try switching brands.  I have heard of this happening although I can't speak from experience. 
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  • I don't know if it was the vitamins or not (I think it was more just pregnancy since I still take them and don't have problems), but colace is your friend!
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  • Usually it's the iron in pnv that causes the constipation. You can take a regular vitamin and folic acid. During pregnancy you should also take fish oil (the fatty acids in it are included in the prenatal vitamins).
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  • Try getting a DHA supplement (OTC at the pharmacy) called expecta.  or, ask the OB for another prenatal vitamin, maybe one with DHA (although they are expensive)
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