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Anyone hear of Dr. Morgenstein in Hollywood? He's partners with Steven Singer. Olivia went for another check-up on Friday and while her ears were not infected, she still had fluid in one ear. So, now we'll see what the specialists have to say.

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  • we saw 2 ent's specialist b/c i wanted two diff opinions

    ent spec #1 was dr steven singer - i loved him - i think he was great, efficient, knowledgeable, and great with kids.

    ent spec #2 was dr michael owens (from baptist) - he works with adults and kids, i liked him, and i liked him more that he actually did melb's dd tubes as well.

    we went with dr owens b/c dr singer couldnt perform the surgery until after july and mady kept getting infections and fluid so i went with the latter.

    gl - i know this sucks royally but its for the best!

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  • Hi, our LO had chronic, recurrent fluid and infections so at 9 months he had tubes placed in both ears..he's been much better. Our ENT is Paul Kleidermacher, MD. He has offices in Aventura, Coral Gables, and at UMH (UM/Jackson Medical Campus) and privileges at MCH, where the surgery took place. Plus, he's got great empathy and takes time to explain things to you. We've been happy with him. All the best to you and your little one...
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