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Argh! DH took the car seat

to work with him.  Today we had a doctor appointment and a Nova class to go to. 

I feel so stranded. 

Not to mention it would probably take him two hours to get home in the event of an emergency. 

 He watched DS last night during the Bradley class.  Instead of bringing the car seat inside the house while I was gone, he put it in his car.  It was dark when he left for work so he didn't see it. 

Well, we made it almost 8 months before it happened.

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Re: Argh! DH took the car seat

  • that's why we have 1 car seat in each car for situations like these...ugh sorry you got stranded though!
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  • ugg... that stinks.
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  • aww Tracy...sorry that happened.  btw, just want to say Mario & I enjoyed the class very much. 
  • what time is your dr appt? I have to run some errands later and I could drop off my extra infant seat if you want to borrow it, since Z uses a convertible now!
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  • DH and I did that 4-5 times before we finally upgraded and each got a car seat. It's definitely worth it to have 2!
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  • Thanks for the sympathy.  And I appreciate the offer Karen.  The appointment was at 9:30 this morning so I had already blown that!

    We'll try to manage with one for now.  We just need to work smarter!

    Cynthia, it was great to meet you and Mario!  I think he's going to be a good COACH!  :)

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