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So in an attempt to make room for toys we are clearing out the guest room and turn it into a game/tv/play room. Well Alex's infant swing is in there and we have friends coming in town this weekend so I want to leave it out for them to use with their little girl.  I said, after they leave all the baby stuff goes in the attic.

So he goes off on this rant about how its just taking up space...blah, blah, blah, blah. 

Ok, he is the one who wants a second so bad, and he is having to try to convince me.  I told him we would keep all the baby stuff until we decided about a second. And he said, "just give it all to goodwill, we can get used stuff next time."

GIVE it to Goodwill? Its like new.  I could sell it for half of what we paid for it, not to mention the rest of the stuff we would have to replace *if* I gave it all to Goodwill.  Why would I give away anything if we are going to have a second child? And if we have a second child, I would HAVE to stay at home so where does he think we will find the money to buy all this crap next time?


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