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chances of repeat blighted ovum

anyone know what the chances are? my first u/s is at the end of this week and my last pregnancy ended in Dec. It was a blighted ovum. I am soooo scared of this happening again. any incite?
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Re: chances of repeat blighted ovum

  • I'm worried about this myself.  I'm 6w3d & will have my first u/s this Tuesday.  It was a horrible experience last time to see the empty screen. We've been extremely reserved with this pregnancy, cautiously hoping for the best.  

     I couldn't find any stats on repeated B.O.'s, but I have heard that it can happen more than once.  Hopefully, neither of us will go through this again.  Hugs and prayers!


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  • I don't know the exact statistics, but I read it's unlikely to happen again. I had a blighted ovum last summer, and my doctor said he thought it was just a "fluke." Now I'm pregnant again and there's definitely a baby in there! Good luck!
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    I've had 2 previous miscarriages and am hoping this 3rd one is it.  GL!!

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  • My m/c was a blighted ovum and there is DEFINITELY a baby in there this time!! I know that there is a chance of it happening again, but it is very rare and the chances are extremely slim. GL!!!
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  • I had my dd with no problems getting pregnant or with my pregnancy then just had 2 BO's and we are currently ttc again. I had a bunch of testing done and low progesterone was found so I take prometrium now, baby aspirin, folic acid and prenatal vitamin daily.GL
  • I asked this question after my D&C.  I was told that since the pathology report came back clean then the chances of a repeat were very small.  He actually said the % was less than it would be for a woman who had never had one. 


  • I've heard that you're no more likely to have a second one as you were to have a first one. I know that's no help. When we were very first diagnosed with a mc at the ER, the dr. thought is was a BO (later found out it wasn't) but, he did say that the chances of 1 woman having 2 or more BOs is very rare!

    Breathe! These little babies are on their way to Feb!!! 

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