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head flopping forward in car seat??

we put abby in the convertible car seat and when she falls asleep, her head flops all the way to the side.  are there any head rests that you guys recommend for this problem?  i looked at bru, and they had 2, but they both got bad reviews.  she just looks so uncomfortable!! 

are there any car seats that don't do this? 

Re: head flopping forward in car seat??

  • Does your carseat recline at all? Otherwise, i don't think there is much you can do for this. Zoe's also did this when she was in the convertible carseat rear facing, but as she got older and especially once we turned it forward it stopped happening.
  • We bought these little cushions that I think were called "wings", they are mini pillows that attach to the car seat straps. Since my guy always falls asleep in the car, they're great. Keeps his head supported.


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  • Andrew does that too!  It's awful looking.  I just roll up a receiving blanket to put under that side. 

    Maybe I'll check out those wing things for the straps.

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