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Hi, I am usually on the knot boards but sometimes stop by here so I thought I shoud introduce myself.  My name is Heidi and I have 2 children.  My almost 10 year old son has ADHD with anxiety and my 3 1/2 yr old son has ASD.

My 9 year old has severe behavior issues that are a challenge each and every day, but hes is the BEST big brother any child  could ever ask for

My 3 year old was Dxed 5 days after he turned 2.  He was completely nonverbal at that time.  We have been recieving services (speech, OT DT) since September of '08 and he now has over 50 words  YEEAA

We also do biomed.  I think it has made  the largest improvements

So that is us...

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  • Welcome to the board.  My son also has ADHD with anxiety, and the doctors also thinks he has ASD too.   I know what you mean when you say when the behavoir is challenging everyday. 


  • welcome! I am new, too. We think our DD has a mild form of cerebral palsy. We won't know for sure for a couple of weeks.
  • Welcome! 

    DS, [almost] 3, ASD

    DD, 18 months 

  • welcome!
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  • Hi! I am Michelle, my 5 y/o has dev delays (currently at a 3.5 yr level in all areas except gross motor), probable ADHD, possible ASD (hopefully we'll get more definitive answers at his neuropsych appt in Sept), my 3.5 y/o has behavioral/anxiety issues (probably ADHD/GAD, dev pedi thinks possible bipolar), and my almost 22 month old has hypotonia/gross motor/motor planning delays/issues (likely all from Developmental Coordination Disorder), thankfully I don't yet see any atypical behavior.
    3 boys (15, 8, 6), 1 girl (4)
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