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I thought of you today because I went stroller searching to La Ideal (or "Ideal Baby Store" lol) in Doral. I hadn't been to that place in ages but I was so surprised because they have A LOT more strollers/carseats than BRU!

Anyhow, I tested the Quinny BuzZ but didn't end up getting it because of the weight and the size of the back wheels (huge).  I also tested the Bee which was cute (I love the canopy) but I didn't like the side flaps (I realized why people would complain about it). Saw the Cameleon which was light and I also liked but I already knew I didn't want it because of the size.

After all the searching and testing I ended up buying the Peg Perego Si, which I hadn't heard of and wasn't on my list (I had a Maclaren in mind). It's super light, it reclines all the way, and Abraham can already use it which is great.

Anyhow, I just wanted to tell you about my stroller experience and to let you know that if you don't want to go up north you can always try La Ideal first!

Thanks for letting me share and gl on your search! Let me know how it goes for you!

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Re: Jen (SouthMiami)

  • That's good to know! I actually have La Ideal on my list of places to go...Baby Bargains says it's one of the best baby stores in the country. And you're right, it's much more conveniently located than the Ft. Lauderdale stores.

    That Peg Perego sounds really interesting...I will have to check it out. Thanks for the heads up :)

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