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north beach gtg

I just wanted to know who to be on the look out for, I dont know what anyone looks like and Id feel pretty lame addressing people as their bumpie name ha

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  • Nicholas and I will be there about 11:45. We'll wait right in front of the entrance to the pier by the fish mural wall. I'm not bringing his stroller but he'll be in navy blue shorts and a light blue shirt with really curly hair. I'm in a white t-shirt w/ khaki capris. I have a bright green jungle themed beach bag backpack that stands out pretty well.


  • well i will have a zebra print diaper bag in a black and white skirt with a white tank top with a baby bjorn and a bald baby. I will try and meet you there at 11 45 since I live literally 2min from the beach


    and Im stormi

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