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Explain BF Supply/Missed Feedings to me.....

I am obsessing over my supply everytime I work or leave Caleb with someone. The thought totally consumes me.

I am gone anywhere from 6-9 hours when I work and I do not have a lot of time to pump. I usually am able to pump about the # of ounces that DS eats, sometimes more and sometimes less. But I usually pump less sessions than he eats (ex: he eat 3x, I pump 2x). I'm really really really worred this will eventually affect my supply, even though this only happens 2 or 3 days a week and not every week. 

So how often do you have to miss feedings for your supply to be affected? 

If my output is the same in 2 pumps as he eats in 3 feedings, is that bad/good/neutral? 

I wish I wasn't so obsessive over this. Hmm On that note, I'm off to work!

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Re: Explain BF Supply/Missed Feedings to me.....

  • I don't pump often but I would think as long as you are able to pump what he needs, your supply is fine.  If you start falling behind, then you might want to look at adding a pump session in your day somewhere.

    Kiddo is a snacker - when I do pump I can easily get 6-8 ounces but I doubt seriously he ever eats that much in one sitting (based on how much he will take out of a bottle and how often he nurses).

  • It's really tricky.  I think as long as the most you do it is 3 days and it's not 3 days every week, you may be okay.  Are the 3 days you work consecutive days?  Because that's more likely to impact your supply.  It takes 2-3 days for the body to change its supply based on what you are nursing. 

    I think as long as you pump at least those 2 times and if you can try to squeeze a third session in every now and then, you are probably going to be okay.  If you notice that your supply starts to drop on the 2nd or 3rd day, you can try boosting it by eating more oatmeal, taking fenugreek or whatever.

    Sorry not to be a lot of help.  Situations like that are confusing!

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