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I showed DH your GM sale, to show him the extent of your stash.  I just had to use you as an example so he would realize someone was crazier than I :)

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Re: alchris

  • Eeek -- crazy and stupid! Tongue Tied  I feel so stupid now too since the company has been treating me SO %@(& horribly these last 2 1/2 months.  They used to have such great customer service, really!  That's not all of my GMs, but most of them, alas.  Eight of the gender-neutral boyish have already sold -- hopefully some girly mommies will wants some soon too as I really do LOVE these prints!

    It would just take one e-mail on their part to resolve this situation but they just get nastier and nastier.  Like I said a week or two ago, I just feel horrible about so many others here buying from the company as well.  I'll only ever buy GMs from other mamas now -- that company isn't getting another penny from this family, ever!  The diapers are fantastic, and the ones I'm selling are many of my favorites; I'd love to love the company again, but for now I just can't.  I really do want my money to cast my vote in a way, regardless of the type of purchase and for better or worse, you know?

    If Michael wants to vent to Salem about diapers, I'm sure Salem would be all ears. Stick out tongue

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