Pregnant after 35


Hey Kari- you've been heavy on my heart today. I feel so stupid bitchin' about some stupid materialistic rings when you're going through something this heartbreaking. You are in my prayers. Your DD has been so heavy on my mind today too....I hope she's hanging in there.

Re: Kari

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    You're a sweetheart. I can't tell you how much you (and the rest of the ladies on this board) mean to me.

    The minute I got home from that awful appt, all I could think about was sharing with "my girls". DH has been wonderful. He doesn't cry like me or like to talk about every little detail but I know he hurts, too, in his own way. And, that is OK.

    We're supposed to b*tch, Jen. Big Smile 

    Right now we should be heading to the beach for a week but now the doc won't let me go. How stupid do I feel for being mad that I *can't* go? This was just not in the plans and I'm upset that I can't leave the state and enjoy the ocean. The beach will always be there but I want to go NOW!  

    Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers. Apparently God thinks we can handle a LOT right now.


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